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Big Data & Business Analytics

Turn Data Into Actions. Now.

We pride ourselves as different and independent from traditional agencies. Our Data Analytics-As-A-Service (DAAS) model produce an outcome-focused strategy that is pragmatic, impactful with measurable outputs and outcomes (e.g. sales, consumer satisfaction, public perception).

Social Analytics. Redefined

Berkshire Media is a fast growing social analytics firm founded by engineers, marketers and communication strategists on the premise that the best communication strategies are built through data-driven campaigns. Based in Malaysia, we have served large corporations and organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

The social media revolution has enabled companies to use social data to optimise campaign resources, manage corporate reputation risks, analyse consumer satisfaction, measure public perception and adopt behaviour-based micro-targeted campaigns and other applications.

Manage Corporate Reputation Using Social Data

Our bespoke risk management tools and predictive analytics on sentiment and emotion enable companies to measure public perception and gauge sentiments toward a specific topic of interest, products or services. We deploy tried-and-tested methods and systems to quantify the risk level derived from the traditional risk management matrix.

Data Driven Campaigns. The future is now.

We transform the industry landscape by leveraging on scientific approaches to address complex communication challenges. Data science and the evolution of computing technology allow cost effective campaigns to be executed yielding real results with measurable outcomes.

  • Optimize Your Social Media Assets. And Save.
  • Predict Consumer Behaviour. Then Act.
  • Measure Consumer Satisfaction. And Smile.
  • Measure Perception. It is the New Reality.
  • Complex management and operations require additional staff for even simple tasks

Measure Human Emotions from Social Data.

We move beyond sentiment analysis. Analyse human emotions through social analytics after your campaign ends. We deliver insightful reports and analysis using large social media sampling. This is a cost effective method to the traditional questionnaire based survey method.

Emotions are the single biggest determinant of human behaviour. 90% of our decisions are subconscious (emotional). Measuring and understanding human emotion provide empirical input to strategic plans and other mitigative actions.

Measure Perception. It is the New Reality.

Our team of data analysts will provide weekly, daily or monthly insights to you. Our sentiment algorithm engine can predict with a high degree of accuracy conversations in multiple domains and in unique situations (e.g.: dual language, dialects, nuances)

  • Compare sentiment between two or more products.
  • Measure public perception before a crisis happen.

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