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Tests and Reports

Glostek a+ Teknologi Indonesia delivers penetration testing to identify potential gaps in companies' networks that intruders can break through:

In cooperation with our customers, we choose between Black Box, White Box or Grey Box penetration testing to pick the profile that suits your case best.
We develop custom test scenarios to check networks, applications, services and operating systems.
We control our activities to keep tested systems intact.
We analyze test results and put them together in a comprehensive report.
We develop a rehabilitation scenario that includes our recommendations on how to eliminate the revealed aberrations and achieve a shellproof protection.

Penetration testing allows our customers to:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of their network, application, and operating system vulnerabilities. This allows them to be proactive and prevent attacks instead of combatting them.
  • Check if a system's defence is still rocking after adding new applications, seriously modifying the current ones, or introducing new offices.
  • Understand if the current defence is enough, or if they should take measures to improve it.
  • Reveal potentially dangerous non-compliance with corporate security policies and industry-specific security requirements, such as GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA/NIST, both compulsory and non-mandatory.
  • Prevent downtimes caused by systems' inoperability that can spiral into huge financial losses and reputation damage.

We offer the following penetration test types:

  • IT Infrastructure Penetration Test.
  • Application Penetration Test
  • Reverse Engineering

Each of our projects starts with a kick-off meeting to make sure we understand your specific requirements, agree on testing conditions and clarify open points.

After the kick-off meeting, i.e. penetration tests are carried out according to the following project phases:

  • Test preparation
  • Information gathering
  • Analysis and verification of security holes
  • Optional: Development and application of exploits (as proof of concept)
  • Reporting
  • Optional: Project presentation or only discussion of the final report

The final penetration test report will include:

  • Executive summary
  • Project scope and objectives
  • Categorization of risks
  • Detailed recommended measures
  • Risk Assessment Value (benchmark)

If required, we will also send you the tool-generated output, action logs and dump files from the penetration tests.

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