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Big Data & Business Analytics

Modern BI and Data Visualization Platform

Zoomdata's big data visualization software delivers fast, self -service, visual analytics for all business users, not just analysts and data scientists. We support a wide range of modern and traditional data sources, make it possible to easily compare real-time streaming data with historical trends, and make it easy to blend data on-the-fly from multiple sources.

What Makes Zoomdata Unique?

Zoomdata is an open platform that provides visualization solutions for big and fast data. Natively architected for cloud and on-premise deployments, its modern architecture delivers interactive visual analysis of big or fast streaming data at the speed-of-thought.

With Zoomdata, big data discovery can span a data ecosystem that includes modern sources like Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, cloud data stores, search engines, SQL MPP and streaming sources, as well as traditional relational databases.

Fastest Visual Analytics

In business, speed is often what differentiates the winners from the also-rans. The right decision made too late ends up being the wrong decision. So, it's hard to overestimate the value of fast, interactive analysis for business decision makers.

Zoomdata delivers fast visual analytics and data visualization for all business users, not just analysts and data scientists. We accelerate time-to-insight by enabling visual analysis at the speed of thought, while reducing the clutter that distracts novice users in traditional analytics applications.

Zoomdata Data Sharpening

Zoomdata's patented Data Sharpening technology delivers the industry's fastest visual analytics for historical and real-time streaming data. Conceptually, the Data Sharpening process is similar to the way large image files or streaming video files display in a browser. When you start to load the image file, you see a blurry approximation of the image. But as the file loads in the background, the image sharpens until the entire image eventually comes into clear focus.

Zoomdata Fusion

Of course, modern data architecture includes traditional data as well. With Zoomdata Fusion, you can combine data from multiple sources making it appear as a single source with no data movement or ETL. You can enrich big data with master data from relational sources or flat files. And correlate real-time and historical data. You can also correlate it with data from cloud applications including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Marketo, Zendesk, and SendGrid.

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